Participation and entry to the competition

The entry fee for the NAC is 35 euros per participant. The reigning individual Nordic champions Competitors are allowed to start for free. Last day of entry will be on 16th of July 2015. The new NAC rules will be applied in this event.

Entry fees are paid to
Account number: FI69 5711 6120 0439 28
Remember to use this reference number with the payment: 1148

Participating dogs must be:
• Registered in the studbook (appendix) of the kennel club in the country for which it competes for at least 6 months.
• Of a breed recognized by the FCI or the NKU. National breeds are allowed to start if the NKU has approved the breed.

Owners and handlers must be:
• Citizens, or have their legal residence, in the country for which their dog competes.
• Members of the kennel club of the country for which their dog competes.

The NAC has both a team and individual competition in three size categories (small, medium, large). Each country can enter max. 10 dogs in each size group. All 10 dogs can participate to the individual competition. Each country can have one teams in each size category in the team competition – one team consists of 5 dogs (the 3 best results count for each run to the final result) and 1 reserve dog. If a reserve dog is to be used it must be announced at the latest after the Saturday training to the chief steward. Handler can have only two dogs per size category.

The 15 seconds to start rule is applied in all competitions!

Program of the event

Friday evening 14th of August 2015
16:00 Delegates meeting
19:00 Meeting and dinner for the judges, team leaders, chief steward and the delegates at the ATT-areena. Transportation for delegates, team leaders and judges from the hotel to the venue will be arranged by the organizer.

Saturday 15th of August 2015
7:00 Veterinary inspection: Training: two teams start the training and two others the veterinary inspection.
~9:00 Opening ceremony
10:00 Individual course 1 – agility, order small-medium-large
13:15 Team course 1 – jumping, order small-medium-large
15:05 Individual course 2 – jumping, order small-medium-large
18:00 estimated end of the day

Sunday 16th of August 2015
8:00 Team course 2 – Final Agility, order small-medium-large
10:10 Individual course 3 – Final Agility
~13:30 Closing ceremony and rewarding of the new Nordic Champions